About JTF

The Japan Translation Federation (JTF), founded as a voluntary group in April 1981 and authorized as a public-interest corporation by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in September 1990, is a professional organization of companies, organizations and individuals being engaged in commercial translation.


  • JTF, a professional organization of commercial translation, will be involved in the growth and development of translation industry in line with the trend of the times.
  • JTF, a reliable, professional organization, will raise the status of translation industry promoting friendship between members.
  • JTF will broaden the range of opportunities for each member and enhance its brand image in a rapid globalization.
Objectives JTF contributes to promote economic development encouraging translation business by conducting the following surveys, researches, seminars and human resource development on translation business, and attending international conferences relating to the translation.
  • 1) to do surveys and researches on translation business.
  • 2) to organize seminars and lecture meetings on translation business.
  • 3) to develop human resources of translation business and conduct tests on translation.
  • 4) to collect and provide information on translation business to people who need it.
  • 5) to communicate and cooperate with domestic and overseas organizations on translation business.
  • 6) to protect intellectual properties on translation business.
  • 7) to give awards on translation business.
  • 8) to conduct required projects other than the above activities to achieve the goal mentioned above.

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