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Organizational Chart

JOrganizational Chart
Translation Industry Research Committee

contributes to enhancing the social status of the translation industry by doing research on the industry, providing the information in public after comprehending its actual status and trend. (Chairperson of the committee: Norihiko Hirose)

Translatioin Seminar Planning and Management Committee

analyzes the translation business environment and suggests its ideal status in the future.
shares common problems occuring between translators, translation companies and clients and seeks the solution.
holds six seminars a year in Tokyo. (Chairperson of a committee: Masaru Nakao)

Translation Festival Plannning and Operation Committee

holds an event a year where all people involved in translation can attend.
aims at activating the translation industry through exchanges and friendship betweem members and industries regardless of each status. (Chairperson of a committee:Eiko Ishioka)

Kansai Committee

holds four seminars a year in Osaka to enhance the translation ability and expertise in the fields of science and technology, information technology, finance and securities, patents, pharmaceuticals and others. (Chairperson of the committee:Eiko Ishioka)

Translation Support Tools Committee enlists the support of developers, users and related organizations on translation tools, collects information and reviews their effective utilization.
Examination Committee

conducts examination for qualified translation aiming at developing translators.
Both basic and practical level examinations are available via the Internet. (Chairperson of the committee:Sokichi Ando)

Journal Committee

provides wide variety of information for members including industry trends, report of survey, latest translation tools and members' introduction featured in our journal Japan Translation Journal. (Chairperson of the committee:Hiroki Kawano)

Homepage Committee

provides members with the web site for exchange of information on our activities, events, seminars and each member. (Chairperson of the committee:Hiromi Ishikawa)

Risk Prevention Committee gives appropriate advice to members who are involved in touble to find satisfactory solutions and feedback to them to prevent similar problems. (Chairperson of the committee:Shuichi Tomita)
Public Relations Committee

facilitate close collaboration and cooperation with other translation and the related organizations through attending the events held by such organizations. (Chairperson of the committee: Ikuo Higashi)

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